Can high-performing and well-being go together?

How to successfully manage stress while maintaining high performance level? This workshop is perfectly set to learn on your own example how to deal with stress to avoid becoming its prisoner.

May 16th 2022

In our work, we all face demanding circumstances: pressure from clients and deadlines, requirements for fast and quality work, a lot of work load, unclear work process, relationships with colleagues, superiors ... All of this can have a detrimental effect on our well-being and our effectiveness at the same time. We can be irritable, angry, reluctant, anxious, tense, nervous, powerless … And at the same time we work slower, non-creative, make mistakes. If this condition continues for a long time, it can cause further negative consequences: e.g., our health is deteriorating, we can get closer to burnout, we lose interest in work, also our relationships deteriorate.

Detailed outline

Similar to the lecture that Aleš has at inOrbit conference, the workshop is also based on the basic postulate of the behavioral cognitive paradigm that our (unconscious) beliefs play a key role in our lives. Thus, it also plays a key role in stress management and managing high performance level.

The workshop participants will:

– better recognize the signs of one’s own stress and possible signs of burnout;

– learn more about the causes of stress (e.g., external circumstances and internal: one’s own beliefs);

– recognize and change their own beliefs that unconsciously generate our stress;

– learn some other methods for calming, controlling and coping with stress…

–  how to keep performance at a high level with all the above mechanisms.


The workshop is designed individually, which means that each participant will work on their own case and the lecturer will focus on each one of them. This will give everyone their own ‘individualized’ solutions.


Important: Therefore, each participant must bring their own concrete example of stress to the workshop. We will start the workshop with a simple question: What is most stressful for you… and it impairs your performance? In this case, the individual will work from the beginning to the end of the workshop. This means: from understanding to solutions.


Who is it for? 

For anybody who would like to combine high-performing & psychological well-being together in their professional and private life.

About your trainer

Aleš Vičič, M.Sc. is a psychologist with a scientific master's degree and a behavioral-cognitive therapist who has worked as one of the leading sports psychologists in Slovenia for more than 20 years. On their way to excellence, he has consulted more than 400 athletes and coaches, including 150 elite athletes and 60 Olympians, from more than 40 sports. He transferred his rich experience and extensive psychological expertise to the field of business psychology a few years ago and now advises key personnel in companies. During this time, more than 100 of the 20 companies have been recruited, for which he provides more than 700 hours of individual counseling per year.