Advanced Google Analytics and GA4

Google Analytics is the thing in digital right now. GA4 migration is shaking up the analytics world and we got the best to learn from how to solve the challenges you face. You do not want to miss this workshop.

We will touch upon the setup, basics, the way tracking works, the mandatory migration to GA4. But also very practical towards direct traffic, and how to make Google Analytics data usable for optimising your business. And you are able to steer the workshop into where you need help.

Detailed outline

This workshop will give you a clear starting point for gaining insight into your users and their behaviour. We’ll start off by covering what UX is, and why it matters, before going on to take part in hands-on exercises to learn more about UX design and research. Areas of UX that we’ll cover include:

* Analytics for UX

* User testing for SEO

* Empathy mapping

* User journey mapping

You’ll leave the session with practical takeaways and techniques which you can use to find out more about your users and, ultimately, help improve your search visibility. This workshop is for anyone working in marketing who wants to better understand UX; to help their users, boost conversions, and to improve their search visibility.


Who is it for?

Online marketers, e-commerce managers, SEO, consultants, in-house and agency side. Basically anyone who needs website usage data in their day-to-day work.


About your trainer

Some people call what Arnout does growth hacking; he doesn't like this term. In his own words, this is what he does; "I just make sure a business gets the most out of their online activities by leveraging Google Analytics and other data points." This results in an online strategy focused on paid and organic search, social interactions and the correct understanding of the ROI for his clients. Getting the most value out of the possibilities the online world has to offer, through the smart use of Google Analytics. Arnout Hellemans is a well know speaker on data, analytics and various technical SEO topics. His talks tend to be very hands on but also based on a holistic view.