4 Essential Pillars of Organic and Paid Tiktok Advertising

Join our 1,5-hour workshop with Leja Kezmić and learn about the world of Tiktok.

16th of March - 14:40 - 16:10 Mediterranea Hall Limited to 25 particpants.

The workshop, 4 Essential Pillars of Organic and Paid TikTok Advertising, is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of how to effectively utilize TikTok for building a brand and reaching the target audience. This workshop is specifically tailored to both advertisers and brands, offering practical insights and strategies to help them get the best results from the platform.

Detailed outline

The workshop will commence by examining the role of creative content on TikTok and its significance in attracting the target audience. The attendees will learn how to create engaging and captivating content that resonates with their target audience.

The next topic of discussion will be targeting, where the participants will gain an understanding of how to identify and reach their target audience. This section will cover tips and tricks for researching the target audience, understanding their preferences, and tailoring the content to meet their needs.

The workshop will also cover the performance and special features available on TikTok, providing the attendees with insights on how to optimize their content for maximum reach, engagement, and conversions. The guests will also be introduced to unique features offered by TikTok that can help them stand out from the crowd.

Lastly, the workshop will delve into the concept of brandformance, which describes the combination of branding and performance on TikTok. The listeners will learn how to integrate their brand’s personality into their TikTok content, creating a powerful connection with their target audience and driving brand awareness and loyalty.

The topics covered in the workshop will be supported by additional activities designed to reinforce the teachings and ensure a comprehensive understanding of the material presented. By the end of the workshop, the attendees will be equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively utilize TikTok for their brand or advertising purposes.

About your trainer

Hello, my name's Leja, and I am part of the Httpool team, where I have acquired knowledge of digital marketing, platforms and strategies for over two years. Currently, I am focusing on the TikTok platform, which is Httpool's advertising partner. I care for clients and agencies focusing on TikTok advertising in the CEE region and the USA. Through consulting in the areas of attribution, creative, influencer marketing and performance advertising, I help in successfully pursuing the business and marketing goals of companies and agencies.