The venue

This year, inOrbit will be taking place at the same location as last year – we’re taking you back to the wonderful Brdo pri Kranju congress centre for another two days of great lectures on everything digital. We loved the scenery, surroundings, food and just about everything else about Brdo pri Kranju last year, so it’s no surprise we’re going back. 

Venue address: 

Brdo pri Kranju congress centre,
Predoslje 39
4000, Brdo pri Kranju

Check it out on Google maps by clicking HERE


Brdo pri Kranju congress centre

Brdo pri Kranju is one of the premiere congress facilities in Europe. It hosts numerous gatherings, conferences and political events every year and we couldn’t ask for a better location for inOrbit.

Find out more about the facility by clicking HERE


Ljubljana is the capital of Slovenia. A small city with 250.000 people is located at the intersection of western, southern and eastern Europe it has many interesting things to offer. 

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