Tamsin Fox-Davies

Head of Growth

Session: Making good technology choices in marketing: How to create a tech stack that works and won’t make you cry or bleed you dry
10:30 - 11:00, May 27th 2023, Strategy
All marketing is entwined with technology these days, and we all need tech tools to help us do our jobs. These tools can run from spreadsheets and free apps to multi-million dollar custom-built platforms - so how do you know which tools to choose, and how do you get them to work together? What happens if you make a wrong choice and have invested a lot of money that you can't get back? When do you use an off-the-shelf solution, and when do you need to have something built for you? Who are the best people to advise you on tool choices? What sort of tools should be avoided wherever possible? How often should you change your tools, or should you even change them at all?

In this session, Tamsin will answer these questions and more. She’ll give us a step-by-step process to follow and ahre some key tips and tricks to help anyone considering building, changing, or growing their tech stacks. You will get actionable advice to help you get maximum benefit for your MarTech budget and a clearer understanding of how to get your boss to agree to test out that fun new tool you’re dying to get your hands on.


Tamsin is a business storyteller working in #tech4good. In her 20-year marketing career, she has worked with small businesses, large SaaS companies, startups, nonprofits, and agencies from around the world. Now her role is to make tech wizardry easy for non-technical decision-makers to understand. Her favourite things are sharing knowledge with others, meeting new people, and learning about their worlds. She lives in the UK with one other human and 4 dogs, and in true entrepreneurial spirit, runs a vegan clothing side hustle.