Speaker Mariia Bocheva

Head of Sales and Marketing , OWOX BI


Mariia Bocheva is a Head of Sales and Marketing at OWOX BI. She has worked her way up from support manager and business analyst and that gave her a lot of practical knowledge in the field. Over the last 4 year, she has worked with the largest multichannel retailers in EMEA and knows their pains and gains. She has experience talking at the largest Ukrainian conferences (over 6,000 people), Measurecamp in London, Superweek in Hungary, eMetrics in Chicago, etc. Her presentations are always emotional, useful and comprehensive. As a result, they are usually greeted with high evaluation from the audience.

Mariia's sessions

How to Measure the Unmeasurable

Businesses came to the point when they have a lot of data about customer behavior, ads, competitors pricing, keywords, devices that have been used on the way to purchase. But for most businesses, it's still difficult to make sense out of this scattered raw data. To help you find inspiration and help your business grow, I'll show several use cases with the largest E-commerce businesses from the EMEA region that were successfully implemented and didn't require tons of time and money:
Building end-to-end customer analytics system: how to find efficient keywords using cross-device analytics and raw data.
Pricing: how to evaluate the brand value and elasticity of demand using competitors' prices.
Direct Marketing: how to skyrocket email marketing revenue with raw data.
ROPO-effect: evaluating online ads impact on the offline sales.
Attribution: How to increase your Advertising-to-Sales Ration by 10% without investments.