Speaker Cate Murden

Founder, PUSH Mind and Body
United Kingdom


For almost two decades Cate has enjoyed an exciting, fast-paced career in media, rising to the position of Head of Partnerships at one of London’s largest, most successful media agencies. However the demands of the job took its toll on her and in July 2014 Cate was signed off work with stress. Fortunately she survived this challenging period and, armed with newly found insight borne from her firsthand experience, she launched PUSH, determined to help businesses help their employees.

If we can help both the people and the teams and organizations that they work within, work better, then there’ll be less stress, less burn-out, less unnecessary costs and more profit.

Cate's sessions

16:50 - 17:35 , Thursday

Building Resilience in a 21st Century World

Stress and stress-related illnesses are hugely on the increase. So, to start this unbelievably useful and informative talk, we will take a brief look at why and the impact our challenging and ever-changing world is having on our companies and our people. However, at PUSH, we believe that talking about stress just breeds more, well … stress. So, we like to focus on how you can overcome that. By supporting the four basic human needs, we will look at how you can build your resilience, motivation and happiness; putting yourself first and empowering you to genuinely live better.

Our engaging, energising and highly practical talk will take you through some incredibly easy tools to shift you into a positive mind-set and help improve your energy levels. They will improve your mindset and leave you inspired and buzzing with positivity, as you make your future work better for you.