Aljoša Bajrović

General Manager, Tom Tailor Holding SouthEastern Europe

Session: CEO panel: The Future of Ecommerce
12:40 - 13:10, May 26th 2023, Strategy

One thing is for sure – ecommerce is here to stay and is quickly becoming one of the driving forces of business success. New realities redefined the rules of engagement in business and ecommerce emerged as one of the pillars of business growth. For many companies that meant a huge change in business strategy, for others a great opportunity to scale, open new markets and become more agile. 

The big question many are asking is what awaits us in the future. Is retail moving back to offline or is the future digital? What role does digital play in a business strategy? How do we adapt the strategy to reflect the new realities? How do we anticipate user behavior and answer their needs? Is it too late to enter the digital market? How do you grow internationally? 

Our panelists:

Sandi Češko, CEO & owner of Studio Moderna

Aljoša Bajrović, General Manager at Tom Tailor Holding SouthEastern Europe 

Luka Železnik, Managing Director at KingsBox Equipment


Panel will be moderated by Andraž Štalec, CEO of Red Orbit.


After graduating from the College Du Leman, Geneva and the University of Westminster, London, Aljoša Bajrović started his career at Sportina Bled, taking charge of establishing a retail network in Bulgaria. After the successful and profitable introduction to the market, where over 20 stores were opened in two years, he took over the position of Market Director of Tally Weijl for the Adriatic Region, where over the next two years business of more than 60 stores was consolidated. He is currently CEO of Tom Tailor South Eastern Europe, where he runs over 130 stores in 8 countries. The region he leads is the most successful division in the group with over 1bn EUR of revenue. Tom Tailor SEE has been recording constant growth or revenue and EBITDA over the years under his leadership. Last years he successfully launched e-commerce business on first managed markets. His team is also regularly involved in global collection planning and retail strategies.