Aaron Ross

Author of "Predictable Revenue" and "From Impossible To Inevitable"

Session: Creating Predictable Revenue in a Chaotic World
15:35 - 16:20, April 9th 2024, Strategy
Aaron dives into how businesses ignite, stifle, and grow. World economies are in a state of uncertainty with more risk – and opportunity – than ever before. Tune in to hear Aaron discuss how businesses pivot, survive, and thrive – including creating more predictable, scalable sales revenue.

In his keynote, Aaron will also explain:

  • Why the “Chaos Temperature” of the World Will Keep Going Up
  • The Three Types of Leads
  • Creating a Predictable Pipeline
  • The Future of Sales Specialization
  • Bridging the Sales-Marketing Gap
  • Amplifying Executive Energy


AARON ROSS is a sales advisor, board member/NED, and keynote speaker. He’s the co-author of From Impossible To Inevitable (with Jason Lemkin), the #1 SaaS book according to BookAuthority, and author of Predictable Revenue (called the “Sales Bible of Silicon Valley”) about sales systems that helped Salesforce.com, Twilio, Zuora and other companies create billions. Aaron is married with 10 children (half through adoption) and lives in Edinburgh, UK. He’s a global keynote speaker. Aaron is on the boards of Cognism, ValueCore.ai, Administrate, and Nuvini, a company acquiring SaaS companies. He can be found at www.FromImpossible.com.