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The inOrbit20 conference is still happening, but due to the current epidemiologic situation regarding coronavirus (COVID-19) in Slovenia, we are changing its format.

March 16th,
10:00 a.m.

The inOrbitX event in London is cancelled

Considering that we are in the middle of a worldwide health crisis, we have decided to cancel the London inOrbitX event. Right now, our main priority is ensuring the safety and health of all our attendees, speakers and employees. And we believe that cancelling all public events is the necessary step in protecting our society from further spread of the coronavirus.

Please stay home and join us for inOrbit online. We have been working extremely hard to bring the true experience of one of the greatest European digital marketing conferences into your homes.

Come see our wonderful community come together and create something magnificent by connecting online.

Participate in live sessions with speakers from the comfort of your home, ask questions, have discussions with other attendees and speakers via the exclusive LinkedIn group inOrbit Connect and watch all 45 sessions after the conference – anytime you want.

We promise you that this experience will be even better than what you expected.


March 12th,
2:00 p.m.

Workshops are postponed

Due to the current developments in Slovenia, we decided to postpone all of our inOrbit workshops to a later time (in April or even May/June). With this decision, we are doing our part in showing responsibility towards both our speakers and attendees during this global pandemic.
Everyone who has already purchased their ticket for the workshops will be notified about the new date, once we have it and those of you who still haven’t purchased a ticket but would like to come to our workshops, can purchase your tickets here.

The inOrbitX live event in Ljubljana is cancelled

Because the health and safety of our attendees, speakers, and employees are of the utmost importance to us, we are also canceling the Ljubljana inOrbitX event.
However, the London inOrbitX is still happening and you are free to attend it. Please sign up here.

The whole team working on this project thanks you for your patience, understanding, and support.


March 11th,
11:00 a.m.

Come to inOrbitX live events in Ljubljana and London!

Since most of our conference attendees are from the UK and Slovenia, we are organizing two live events with speakers present at the location in Ljubljana and London.
At inOrbitX events, attendees will get the chance to mingle with the speakers and organizers, network with other attendees and experience the live sessions of inOrbit20 e-conference in person.

inOrbitX Ljubljana

inOrbitX Ljubljana is being held on Thursday, March 19th at the Red Orbit offices (Stegne 13G, Ljubljana). 7 speakers will hold their main track sessions live in Ljubljana and you will get a chance to meet them, ask questions live during sessions and have one-on-one conversations with them afterward.

Lunch will be provided for all attendees in Ljubljana and a networking party will follow after the last session of the day.
Since the attendees are limited to 50 people, prior registration for the event is mandatory through this form. After you register, you will receive all of the additional information about the event.
Please make sure that you are in good health and have not been exposed to the coronavirus before coming to the event.

inOrbitX London

inOrbitX London live event will take place at Reflect Digital London offices (2 Bourchier Street, Soho, London, W1D 4HZ) on Friday, March 20th. All UK attendees are invited to register; however, attendance is limited to 30 people, so please make sure to register and secure your spot as soon as you can. Register through this form and we will send you all of the additional information about the event.
The London inOrbitX event will host 8 live sessions from the main track, where you can participate, ask questions and meet the speakers in person. The London event will also be followed by a networking party that will give you the chance to exchange knowledge, share ideas and talk to speakers, organizers and other marketing managers.

Experience inOrbit20 in three different formats: watch your favorite sessions remotely, get video recordings of the sessions after the conference, or attend a live inOrbitX event that offers a great networking opportunity and a chance to meet some of the best specialists in the world in person!


March 10th,
2:00 p.m.

Workshops are changing

Due to the current situation, we needed to rethink the format of some of our specialized workshops. Together with our workshop trainers, we’ve prepared an updated schedule of workshops, to ensure that their execution stays at the highest possible level.

Here is the news on workshops:

No change in schedule:

People Training Course will be held at Red Orbit office in Ljubljana on Wednesday, March 18 from 10:00 – 13:00.

Advanced Google Analytics Course will be held at Red Orbit office in Ljubljana on Wednesday, March 18 from 14:00 – 17:00.

Advanced Google Advertising Course will be held at Red Orbit office in Ljubljana on Wednesday, March 18 from 10:00 – 13:00.

Moving online:

Social Media Training Course will be held online via video link on Wednesday, March 18.

You are invited to our office to follow the webinar in a group or join us live from home.

Change of date:

Digital Strategy Course will be postponed, and a new date announced later. We are planning to organize it in late May or early June.


Advanced Instagram Advertising Course & Conversion Rate Optimisation Training Course are unfortunately canceled.

If you have signed up for one of these two workshops, you are invited to switch to another one of our excellent workshops or get a full refund. If you would like to use one of these options, please kindly let us know as soon as possible.


March 10th,
11:00 p.m.

Two smaller live events are still happening

In order to give those of you who still want to participate in the live event the chance to be part of the live experience, we are organizing two separate smaller live events in Ljubljana and London. The events are limited to 50 attendees in Ljubljana and 30 attendees in London, so signup is mandatory.

The event in Ljubljana, Slovenia will take place on March 19. You will get a chance to listen and participate in the live sessions from the main track. The event is limited to 50 attendees.
The event in London, United Kingdom will take place on March 20. You will get a chance to listen and participate in the live sessions from the main track. The event is limited to 30 attendees.

You will receive the link to the form through e-mail and the LinkedIn inOrbit connect group.


March 9th,
11:00 p.m.

inOrbit 20 is switching to ONLINE!

Each year we look forward to connecting with our fellow digital marketing, e-commerce, and B2B managers for the exclusive in-depth discussions, visionary sessions and powerful skill-sharing workshops in Portorož, Slovenia.

In the past few days, we have received numerous requests for online video streaming from the conference, as more and more companies are limiting travel and access to physical events for their employees. There were countless flight cancellations and many of you are having trouble traveling to the conference location.

Due to the current epidemiologic situation in Europe and the fact that the Slovenian government banned large public events, we decided to make inOrbit 20 an online event. It will be scheduled for the same dates (March 19-20).

This way everyone, regardless of location, health situation, government or company policies, can still participate in the event and get access to the latest trends, actionable tactics and real-life examples from our expert speakers.  With this decision, we show responsibility to the community, by caring for the health and safety of inOrbit attendees, as well as our speakers, partners, and employees.

Information about the event:

  • The agenda for the online edition of inOrbit20 remains the same. The conference will run for 2 days, with 3 separate tracks each day.
  • Regardless of the ticket, you purchased (Basic, All Access, VIP), we will enable access to live stream to all tracks for all registered attendees.
  • It gets even better! All registered attendees will also get access to all recorded sessions on all tracks. This gives you access to more than 45 sessions!

Another very important thing:

Things are happening fast. We will share updates with you daily, also via the newly established LinkedIn channel, inOrbit Connect.

Please join immediately in order to stay up to date. This channel was created to power up your personal network and enable you even better access to all speakers and other attendees.

inOrbit Connect will become a great place for digital thought-leaders, marketing professionals and digital entrepreneurs to share their views, ask questions, get inspirations and connect to like-minded people.

As we speak, our entire team is working hard to plan and prepare an alternate experience that still provides the exclusive in-depth sessions in an online format and is inclusive to our globally distributed community. All our speakers already re-confirmed their participation in the online conference.

We will share additional information with you very soon and appreciate your patience as we work through the changes. For additional questions, please contact us at [email protected].

Thank you for your understanding and support.

Do you have any questions?

Contact us via e-mail at [email protected] or call +386 59 075 680.

We’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.