People Management: Always Be One Step Ahead

People management is more in the hands of leaders and managers as it ever was. Apply it to your everyday life.


Author: Tamara Valenčič

In today’s volatile world there is no such thing as a stable and securely long lasting brand. Or strategy. Or culture. Or team. Things are changing faster than we can predict and it seems the world is moving faster than ever.

Regardless how safe and secure you feel about having the best team and chasing your goals never went better (anyone?), you are a part of life mechanism, where each single part of existence, being a tool or a human, faces many disruptive factors and is interfering in everyday well oiled machine.

We’ve learned this so far. And yes, we talk about the VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) world here, not only V anymore.

Managing people is not only about hiring, development and firing anymore.

There are no process stages in employee life-cycle. It has to be day-to-day work, constant interaction, immediate feedback, often career talk and much more.

We are not searching for people doing hands-on jobs anymore, or at least not for long. Our best experts may just prove their value but are at the same time discovering other perspectives of potential career path. If not talking about it, they might as well talk to someone else outside your organisation. The immediate value could be lost within a second if we are not on top of such discoveries.


Regardless of what your strategy is, being engagement, involvement, performance driven, the new, individualized, people-centric approach will be heavily needed in years to come.

Your teams will be as strong as each individual when it comes to tomorrow’s plans.

As a manager or leader you are the one setting vision, whilst your people are setting path to success. By knowing where they move or could move and by seeing the opportunity to bring their potential inside, or else seeking to live it outside your team.


If only they could come to you by themselves and express the willingness to contribute. The wish of every manager, yes? But do you create a proper environment for this pro-activity? Do your people feel enough aut
onomy, know the purpose and are self-driven enough to do this?

It is on you to create safety and give them the ownership of their careers.

Simply by giving them the clear allowance and psychological safety to overcome their obstacles; being limited beliefs or just lack of clearness to do a proper self-reflection.

People management is more in the hands of leaders and managers as it ever was. Apply it to your everyday life.

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