inOrbit 2024 program

A program, that will be upgraded with detailed agenda as we finalize it. This is meant to give you the picture of the inOrbit universe, that is growing even larger in year 2024, with inOrbit Awards.

Monday, April 8th

Welcome to inOrbit universe

Starting at 18:00, ’till midnight

Pack your suitcase on Sunday, take it to work, and come to the gorgeous Grand hotel Bernardin straight from your office. You have your 5* hotel room waiting for you, unpack, catch your breath, enjoy the view and join us for inOrbit After work Warm-up gathering. Have a drink with us, get new ideas and inspirations from the panel with speakers and relax! The inOrbit24 rocket is warming up.


Tuesday, April 9th

Learn, network & party

Starting at 9:00, ’till 2:00 (or dawn if you are extra brave!)

You enjoyed the full continental breakfast, took a morning jog or stroll at the beach and now you are fresh and ready to catch the elevator to the Europe hall. inOrbit launch of incredible sessions with over 30 speakers happens in 3 … 2 … 1, liftoff! Enjoy both tracks, Strategy, Deep dive and inOrbit workshops, and all the snacks, drinks and novelties from our partners during breaks.

  1. Strategy Track: Specially designed for marketing managers and directors, this track emphasizes leadership, strategic planning, and other key areas of each business, joined with business and personal growth sessions.
  2. Deep Dive: A track dedicated to digital marketing specialists who are ready to delve deep into their respective fields and gain a wealth of knowledge.
  3. Workshops: in-depth, hands-on work and discussion on various facets of digital marketing, each providing invaluable practical experience and insights.

After the final Keynote in Europe hall, second Networking party takes place right outside the hall. Enjoy the drinks, chats and laughs with us.

At 21:00 the Epic inOrbit party To the moon and back starts at News cafe. A night to remember! Wear comfy shoes, we are going to dance like there is no tomorrow …


Wednesday, April 10th

Relax, learn & celebrate

Starting at 9:00, ’till 22:30

… but of course tomorrow comes!  To get you started after the party last night, let’s do some breathing, some yoga, some grounding as a part of our inOrbit Mindfulness program. Breathe in, breathe out … and head to both Deep dive and Strategy stages, wherever your favourite sessions are happening. Up for a workshop? Right there at Mediterranea hall, next to Deep dive stage.

After the final Keynote session, we head out for drinks at the gorgeous Bernardin terrace bar. And it surely is not the end of inOrbit 2024! Relax in your room or at the beach until the evening, when Awards ceremony: Dinner of champions will occur for the first time! Put on your fancy dress, get ready to be pampered with amazing gala dinner and enjoy the victories of Europe’s best marketers, including your team!