About Conference


InOrbit started off as a small series of educational events with mostly local speakers. Thanks to the great enthusiasm of the people involved, it quickly outgrew small lecture halls and three years ago became a one-day event with 300 attendees.

In 2016, it grew further and encompassed almost 500 attendees, 2 days and 20 international speakers. It moved from a cinema in Ljubljana to one of the finest congress venues Slovenia has to offer – Brdo pri Kranju. Last year the inOrbit conference was held at the same venue, with 500 participants listening to presentations from industry leaders over 2 days.

This year we’re moving to the beautiful coast of Slovenia and we’re keeping up with the good stuff.

We’re introducing an additional track to give attendees even more
in-depth knowledge and value.


InOrbit has valuable content for every profile of digital marketers. It doesn’t matter if you’re a project manager, paid advertising specialist, SEO specialist, chief marketing officer or a strategist. You will get strategic knowledge and in-depth tips and tricks relating to specific marketing approaches.

This year’s focus is on growth, especially on consumer behaviour, digital performance and digital disruption.

Our aim is to equip you with all the knowledge you need to build a successful digital team, department, company, strategy, and activities that will bring you the results you need and grow your business.