6 steps to master Google Ads management

Join our 3-hour workshop with Brad Geddes and learn about the 6 steps to master Google Ads management

AFTERNOON | 2 pm - 5 pm | Online

18th of May - Brad Geddes is a co-Founder of Adalysis: PPC Recommendation Software for Google Ads & Microsoft Ads. He is also a highly recognized author & speaker.

In this workshop, Brad Geddes will show you how to work with Google's automation, while still focusing on your performance goals, to ensure your account's success.

Detailed outline

Google has pushed more automation and less advertiser control over the past several years. While there are many benefits of automation, if you don’t monitor and react within the confines of how the automation works, you can see your account suffer. In this workshop, we’ll look at how to work with Google’s automation, while still focusing on your performance goals, to ensure your account’s success.

1. Laying the Foundation

We’ll start by looking at the landscape of how automation works, and how your business and the customer’s buying funnel fit within automation.

2. Keyword Usage in a Black Box World

The absolute center of every Google Ads campaign is keywords. While keywords are the lifeblood of PPC, perfecting your match types usage while controlling your negative keywords can drastically increase your overall revenue.

We’ll look through the changes in match types, and how to control your keyword and search query usage and analysis to ensure you are showing for the correct terms. For more advanced users, we’ll get into duplicate keyword identification, duplicate search term control, and n-gram analysis.

3. Everything You Need to Know About Creating & Testing Amazing Ads

There’s a reason it’s called Google Ads, Bing Ads, and Ad Groups. The only part of your account that a searcher sees is your ads. We’ll cover how to:

  • Create compelling ads
  • How to use RSAs and ETAs
  • Scientifically test ads for small to enterprise accounts
  • Find & use insights from ad testing data

It doesn’t matter if you have 10 ads or 10 million; we will go through how to test individual ad groups, and test at scale so you can pull customer insight data for your account.

4. Audience Targeting Strategies to inform better bids and automation

Audience targeting should be part of your PPC campaign, especially when you are using keywords and automation as they can help inform the algorithms how to serve your ads properly. Depending on your bid method, your audience strategy will change from suggesting audiences to the algorithms to adjusting your bids and visibility.

We’ll examine some of the most popular audience and demographic information and look at how to use this data to inform your audience targeting strategy.

5. Competitive Analysis

Your ads and marketing do not exist in a vacuum. Competitors are watching and changing offers or starting new promotions all the time. We’ll make sure you have answers to these common questions:

  • How do you evaluate competitor ads to ensure our offers are compelling?
  • What insights can I gather from Google’s Auction Insights tool?
  • We’ll include Free Data Studio reports to examine Auction Insights data
  • Should I use 3rd party tools and how can they help?

We’ll look at how to analyze the competition to find insights that you can use in your marketing tactics.

6. Diagnosing Data Changes

When your conversions drop, do you know exactly why that happened? When your impression share decreases but your conversions go up, can you quickly track down why that happens so you can take advantage of the trend?

Your data is constantly changing and in PPC; all the data is intermixed with various causes and effects. We’ll walk through how to examine the interrelatedness of metrics so you can understand what is the root cause of your data changes so that you can easily put fixes into place.

We’ll include free Google Data Studio reports to analyze this data for your accounts.

About your trainer

Brad Geddes has been involved in PPC since 1998. He is a co-founder of AdAlysis, a PPC recommendation engine. Brad is the author of Advanced Google AdWords, the most advanced book ever written about Google's advertising program. Brad has worked with many of the world's leading companies in managing and perfecting their PPC management and workflows. One of his trademarks has been demystifying the complicated aspects of SEM. Not one to hold secrets, Brad prefers to educate marketers on the various aspects of crafting successful marketing campaigns to ensure success for all parties involved.