Is ChatGPT really the future of digital marketing?

Join our 1,5-hour workshop with Andreja Fegeš and learn about the latest trend, Chat GPT.

16th of March 11:40 - 13:10 - 11:40 - 13:10 Mediterranea Hall

A practical workshop where we will get to know the (in)famous ChatGPT and its uses in content marketing and SEO. We will learn where it can be helpful in our daily tasks and where to better avoid it.

Detailed outline

– We will learn about the creation and process behind ChatGPT, overview of what language models are and how they work.

– Examples from digital marketing – good and bad

– We will also highlight its flaws and mistakes

– Specific use of the tool for content marketing, SEO and maybe some email marketing too

– Hands-on demonstration where we will try to produce some text we can use in our daily work, like: meta data, structured data, product and category descriptions, long content etc.

– Have a discussion of potential benefits and drawbacks of such tools


Who is it for?

Content marketers, SEOs, copywriters, all-around digital marketers who juggle all at once

About your trainer

Andreja Fegeš is a specialist in SEO, content and email marketing who has many years of experience in e-commerce, writing expert content for physical and online publications as well as copywriting and is now putting them to use in the Red Orbit agency, where she takes care of the optimization of clients' online content.