The early-stage startup marketing playbook - setting up your GTM strategy

Lucy Heskins | 9th February 2021 | 3 pm (CET)

How to rein in your boss, get closer to real numbers and help launch your startup’s platform.

You’ve just joined your first startup. The concept sounds great, and you can see how it would genuinely solve a problem. But there’s a problem, you’ve just heard the forecasted targets you’re meant to achieve this year seem incredibly optimistic. Impossible perhaps.

It’s time to get your go-to-market strategy ready.

Tune in to learn from Lucy how to create your first go-to-market strategy, in a way that will get buy-in from your boss, direct your activity and give your Board confidence in your approach.

Created for startups marketers, you’ll learn:

  • the importance of setting up your GTM strategy alongside product development
  • ways to identify your profitable potential customers and what to ask them to create proper buyer personas
  • the channels available and how to select the right ones based
  • how to think about the wider business model and increase your chances of success from the start.

Lucy Heskins inOrbit speaker webinar

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