Navigating Uncertainty: Moving through fears, feelings, and barriers

Mackenzie Fogelson | 24th February 2021 | 3 pm (CET)

Uncertainty makes us uncomfortable. It is the breeding ground for tensions, fears, emotions, and resistance. It produces stories — often catastrophic and very untrue ones — that run our lives and drain our energy.

It is this fear and these stories that cripple our teams and companies. 

It’s not that we will ever eliminate the fear, tensions, or stories; it’s about learning to move through it all so we’re not doing damage to ourselves and others. And, creating the conditions in our teams and companies for honesty, trust, creativity, and innovation.

Mack will share tools, practices, and perspectives about moving through uncertainty so we’re mindful about creating the conditions we want. This webinar is for those of us who are looking to bring these shifts — as leaders and on our teams — over time:

  • FROM talking about each other TO talking to each other
  • FROM people-pleasing TO asking for what I need
  • FROM learned helplessness TO taking the initiative
  • FROM fear of getting it wrong TO reframing decisions as choices and experiments
  • FROM perfectionism, hustling, and proving TO make small moves, learning, and steering

We cannot control or predict our way out of uncertainty. But we can learn how to move through it so we can feel good and do good work in the world.

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