Speaker Živa Čižman

VP of Marketing, Outfit7
Ljubljana, Slovenia


Živa Čižman started her career in the FMCG industry as a brand manager at Danone. It was already then that she developed her passion for digital marketing. In 2011 she joined Google in its European Headquarters to develop agencies and large clients in Adriatics region.

After moving back to Slovenia she helped relaunch a small digital agency, D’agency (part of the Pristop Group) and advised many small and medium-sized companies how to advertise online. In 2016 she joined Outfit7 and now leads in an international team as the VP of Marketing.

Živa's sessions

Measuring Holistic Marketing Campaigns with CPIs: Talking Tom Gold Run from Mobile to TV

The mobile gaming industry is maturing, so more and more traditional media is coming into the marketing mix and the value of brands will become increasingly important. In the past, Outfit7 tested many communications channels but each one separately and focusing on online media. The main goal of this new holistic approach was to test the effect of a cross-channel strategy on the virality of the game in a developed tier 1 market, the UK. Did it work? Does TV bring mobile downloads? The presentation will show if and how the campaign influenced App Store rankings, downloads, and re-engagement.