Speaker Vanja Mlaco

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Conversion Specialist and Coach of Digital team, Transavia


Vanja is a digital coach and member of several Conversion Optimization expert groups but foremost responsible for introducing CRO to Transavia. In two years his team went from testing nothing at all to testing almost everything they build.

Recognizing that every organization has the need for their own CRO approach, Vanja has dealt with problems most of the Conversion Specialist are dealing with and succeeded in implementing it in a big Agile organization. Vanja believes that CRO is bigger than optimizing websites and is going to expand the optimization activities broader across all of the digital domains of Transavia.

Vanja's sessions

How Transavia Optimizes Its Digital Journey?

Vanja will talk about giving customers a permanent place at the table and why there are more important metrics than only the financial ones. When Transavia decided they needed a new mobile experience for their customers, the focus was on creating a sustainable process not only to build the mobile solution but to keep it relevant and performing.