Ryan Bell

Digital Media Specialist, NASA

Session: Cassini: NASA’s First Emmy Win
17:20 - 18:05, 19th of March 2020, Strategy
Workshop: Advanced Content Creation & Cross-channel Storytelling Course
Cassini, a spacecraft running out of fuel after a long journey, was perilously close to worlds that it found with the potential for habitable. NASA needed to decommission it by melting it into the atmosphere of Saturn. Here's the story of how that mission became one of NASA's most famous mission and how this story won NASA's first Emmy.
From rovers and landers to builds and landings this is how you can 'launch' your own campaign.
Get a behind the scenes look at how to organize social, experiential, and marketing into a cohesive story unit. Bring your computers and go hands-on and top-down on best practices with Ryan Bell, Emmy winning strategist at NASA and Television Academy Executive.


Emmy winning strategist, Ryan Bell, has innovated social and marketing with, NASA, The White House and many top Fortune 500 companies . With multi-platform expertise and a love of new technologies he specializes in campaigns that connect brand stories to live video, virtual reality, experiential installations and social.