Mark Meijs

PPC Strategist, iProspect

Session: Getting started with PPC Automation today!
16:40 - 17:10, 19th of March 2020, E-commerce
Automation has been the key to my success in the past few years. At iProspect we mainly manage global accounts, in these situations leveraging and dividing your (and your teams) time is crucial to successfully completing PPC strategies and staying ahead of the competition.

In my eyes automation within PPC is divided into 3 segments:

  1. Campaign creation
  2. PPC optimization (via tooling such as OPTMYZR, Adalysis & Trueclicks or scripts).
  3. Bidding


  1. Campaign creation: In this area I am able to share multiple successful case studies in regards to feed based campaign building. An example here: I’ve used several tools to automate campaign creation and will share and explain best practices. In this section I will mainly focus on:
    • Account hygiene. ? How to structure campaigns throughout multiple countries, languages and engines, without doing any double work and using a feed to keep your campaigns as fresh as possible.
    • Growth. ? How to use your feed to expand globally to more than 25 countries within 2 months, whilst keeping your campaigns highly relevant, active, include promotions etc. (Case study included). I will also discuss how to use multiple engines such as Google, Bing ads & Amazon.
    • Keeping up to date with your ads. ? How to write successful ads using elements from your site (via the feed) and how to play into the difference in de ETA and RSA format.
  2. PPC optimization: Here I will share 5 best practices using tooling & scripting for information. I will mainly focus on:
    • 5 optimizing rules you can use today.
    • 3 scripts that have made my life easier
    • Insight into 3 automation toolsOptimizing rules: Here I will speak about daily checks, and show how these can be automated via rules. For instance: Checking for over or undermanaged product groups within Shopping campaigns.

      Scripts: Here I will show (and share) how 3 scripts that have helped me in the last few months. 1 example: A script that adds negatives to your DSA campaigns (except if your keyword is below first page bid, because then you might want DSA do enter the auction).
      Tooling: I will give an insight into my tooling collection & give 3 examples of how independent tools can help PPC specialist in their daily work. For instance: Using Trueclicks for automated account auditing.

  3. Bidding: I could take for hours about automated bidding. The value of AI or the use of (cross engine) rule based bidding. Here I will focus on 3 client examples and how we have automated bidding via Rules & scripts , AI or tooling. 1 example: We have 1 client that was using automated bidding within SA360, however they have lots of promotions & during this time the ROAS target change (per category) based on the discount in that category. Via a bid strategy it is impossible to get the best results. We used business data to match (and update) the targets to the categories and campaigns. Then we build a set of rules in different tools (in this case SA360 but we’ve also used OPTMYZR) to automate the bidding for this client. The red thread in my presentation will be how visitors of HeroConf can use automation, for (international) expansion. I will share case studies and show different examples of automation for clients. Give tips and best practices that they can start (or expand) their automations immediately.


Mark is a PPC Strategist at iProspect in the Netherlands & mainly focusses on Global Ecommerce clients & strives to deliver value in multiple countries, languages & engines by outsmarting the competition. Mark started as a PPC specialist at a small fashion company 6 years ago. He has worked at both client & agency side & know the benefits of both worlds. This last year he has been focusing on PPC long term strategy & how PPC Specialists can add value in 1,3 & 5 years' time. Furthermore, I'm a real PPC freak & often have long discussions over a couple of beers at office parties or reunions. In his spare time he likes to spend time with his 2 small daughters. Besides this, he loves to read (PPC Blogs), runs his own company and is semi-addicted to Netflix.