Speaker Ian Rhodes

Founder of Ecommerce Growth Company, Ecommerce Growth Company
United Kingdom


Ian has spent 20+ years in ecommerce as an employee, startup founder and consultant and another
10 years as an independent consultant working with over 250+ brands to drive profitable ecommerce growth.
He bootstrapped his own retail business from 0 – £2m in 3 years. He’s also a former European Marketing Director for the world’s largest travel company.

Ian's sessions

12:10 - 12:40 , Thursday

Retention Please

In our pursuit of new customer acquisition are we, instead, shackling business growth?
I want to shift focus away from price-led acquisition tactics and look how we can build and optimise customer retention strategies that grow profitability and customer lifetime value.

In my new slidedeck for 2019, RETENTION PLEASE, I will present the case for a more valiant effort to retain our existing customers ... eg: where the money is made and the lifetime value of our customers is earned.