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09 Mar 2017
Day 2
10 Mar 2017

Registration – day 1

Registration will open at 8:00 AM. Make sure you have your ID handy or you can show us the digital ticket we sent you when you registered for inOrbit 2017....
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Welcome to inOrbit!

A few motivational words to kick off the morning.

Creating a Digital Strategy for your Business

Stepping back and planning will lead to better success, higher rankings and masses of inbound traffic acquisition. I will share the secrets of my success with large and small clients...
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Judith Lewis

The Present and the Future of Mobile Web

Is your website up-to-speed when it comes to engaging the smartphone-first customer? How will the future of the Mobile Web shape up?
Subir Majumdar

Taking your SEO to a Mobile First-Index World

With an evolution to a mobile first world, not only in search usage but also Google index, it’s time to re-focus your SEO process activities to address this new reality:...
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Aleyda Solis
10:55 - 11:25


Using Google’s Prediction API & Machine Learning Capabilities for SEO

We all read news about machine learning and AI but how many of us really know about how this stuff works. In this presentation, I’m going to talk about the...
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Yiğit Konur

Google Analytics for Smarties

This lecture will be an opportunity for you to learn about how Yehoshua approaches Google Analytics and how he finds actionable insights in the data it provides.
Yehoshua Coren

Analytics360: facts and benefits

Gergely will talk to you about what Analytics360 suite is. It’s the hottest new addition to the set of powerful advertising tools that Google offers and Gergely will break it...
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Gergely Kántor
12:55 - 13:-55


Case study: PPC Tribe Fail Story. Lesson worth $60.000 USD.

An honest case study about how we wanted to make the world’s greatest PPC Conference in London – PPC Tribe. I’ll share all the numbers, what we’ve done, where we...
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Jindrich Faborsky

Case study: Google Analytics + CRM data + content = relevant advertising

The race for customers is getting faster and more brutal every day. While we try to preach the good word of relevant and targeted advertising it’s mostly underutilised, if used...
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Črt Podlogar

Are your continuous optimization efforts accelerating the growth of your company?

Change and acceleration are key for companies to remain successful. Focusing on data-driven decisions to be sure not to not take the wrong path, but do these decisions have enough...
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Ton Wesseling
15:15 - 15:45

COFFEE BREAK sponsored by

Boost your performance with effective display ads in Google and Facebook

Display ads often provide lower CTR and conversion rates in comparison with other digital channels but with the right messages we can improve performance and reach our marketing goals. The...
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Ivelina Manova

Developing and advertising an online product on a global market

In order to have successful online product the most important thing is to be passionate about it. However, there are development processes and strategic approaches in advertising that help online...
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Ivan Brozović

How do you organize for success in digital?

One of the biggest challenges with digital is how to organize your team and capabilities internally. Where does ‘digital’ belong? Is it a separate team or part of another function...
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Ashley Friedlein

HALF WAY TO THE MOON PARTY, Sputnik, Ljubljana

Registration – day 2

Registration will open at 8:00 AM. Make sure you have your ID handy or you can show us the digital ticket we sent you when you registered for inOrbit 2017....
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Bringing Big Data to Life; adding the behavioral perspective

Big data is definitely capable of telling a general story, providing broad insight into the user journey, but how do we capture the essence of the story—all the components that...
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Liraz Margalit

Growth hacking principles in real marketing growth situations

The company must grow. Our income, profit, monthly recurring revenue and other metrics have to grow, more and more, every month and every week. We have tried it all, and...
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Peter Mesarec

Micro to Macro: Unlocking Insights from Individual User Analysis

Traditional digital analytics only tells half the story, at best. With today’s complex sites and apps and their rich user experiences, techniques and technologies need to evolve. If you could...
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Caleb Whitmore
10:45 - 11:15


Using Urgency to Boost E-commerce Conversions

Making customers decide faster about a purchase is a powerful and widely used strategy in e-commerce. It can dramatically improve your sales, but it can also have the opposite effect....
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Viljo Vabrit

How to identify where your website is leaking money

The discovery of what matters is the most important part of conversion optimization. If you figure out WHAT to optimize and WHERE then you already have a solid foundation to...
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Marie Polli

Audiences are the new Keywords

Facebook introduced “custom audiences” a couple of years ago and Google now has a similar solution named “customer match”. This is a game changer. Getting audiences right makes your marketing...
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Anders Hjorth
13:00 - 14:00


Case Study: Optimizing campaigns and inventory in a webshop

Enhanced Ecommerce introduced some new metrics that explain user behavior – something Google Analytics should be used for. Robert, an EEEO (Enhanced Ecommerce Executive Officer) will show us how he...
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Robert Petković

Case Study: When SEO Met PR

Do links make it impossible for SEO and PR to be true friends? This romantic comedy, errrrr… case study, chronicles this dilemma through the case of the company who dared...
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Judith Lewis

10 Mind-Blowing SEO Experiments to Forever Change Your Approach To SEO

Should SEOs care about user engagement signals like click through rates and time on site? Spoiler Alert: YES. This session covers 10 new unusual SEO experiments that clearly illustrate how...
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Larry Kim
15:20 - 15:50


What makes a good SEO strategy?

The level of competition determines the level of the challenge in marketing. And the greater the challenge, the more important the strategy. SEO is by far the digital marketing channel...
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Cosmin Negrescu

CX, Touchpoint and Impact

This presentation will draw parallel between people in a organization that are responsible for various CX touchpoints and impact it has on the product and KPIs. The key is to...
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Danijela Divac

The day after tomorrow

It’s not yesterday, it’s not today or even tomorrow. It’s the day after tomorrow that counts. Where are you going to be in 10 years?
Andraž Štalec

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