A Night in Orbit: Red Orbit 15th anniversary party

The opportunity of 15 years of Red Orbit, the mothership of inOrbit, calls for a celebration with a reason. Let's take the Epic inOrbit Party to the next level.


A Night in Orbit,

a night to remember.

May 17th, at 20:00

GH Bernardin bar & terrace -> dancefloor


It’s been too long since we had seen your lovely faces vis-à-vis, from when we last attacked the dance floor. Too long from when we shared hugs and kisses. But not to worry! The time has come for a night in Orbit! The dance floor is ready. DJ & the band have been practicing for the last two years only to see you getting down to business, to stretch those legs and show us those wild dance moves. It’s time to get real!

The inOrbit’s parent, Red Orbit, is celebrating 15th anniversary, and both of them are getting wiser, better, and more mature. We’ve spent a lot of time developing and sharing the knowledge and insights from the industry and supporting each other as in relation parent to child. As inOrbit was born from a wish to equip the digital marketers for future challenges, it gave the community the tools and connections needed. It is striving to strengthen each individual and bind together our fantastic community also in the future. That is why Red Orbit has been proud through the roof that inOrbit is again back to life, in a live edition!


It wouldn’t be a party without you!  

At some point in life, or in this specific case, at some point during the conference, we will all need to take some time to relax, go for a wild party, make new friendships, and awaken the old ones. When your eye caught the word »party«, you probably forgot about everything else, that’s what we are sure of! So, party?

From pub quiz to dance rhythms 

First, we’ll try to do an after-lectures-brain-stretch with a bit of a pub quiz, and then… Let the music play! Our favourite music discovery since last inOrbit, Josip Brass Band is coming, so there won’t be any excuse not to join the party crowd, that is what we promise you! Those dance rhythms will catch you one way or another!



Important party instructions

While packing, do not forget to take some comfortable dancing shoes and some crazy sparkly outfits with you since that’s what you’ll need most! The night is ours to be!